Indonesia Invesment – Capital Market In Indonesia

The government of Indonesia understands that the capital market plays a strategic role in the national development as one of the sources of funding for business and also as investment instruments for Indonesians. Accordingly, to increase capital market’s role, having a strong legal basis to ensure legal certainty of the parties conducting capital market activity…
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Procedure of Procuring Financing From Foreign Private Creditors

Background Procedure of procuring financing from foreign private creditors (“FPC”) is governed under Minister of Finance Regulation No. 45/PMK.08/2014 of 2014 (“MFR No. 45/2014”). This regulation has been enforced to renew the previous one, namely  Minister of Finance Regulation No. 14/PMK.08/2012 of 2012 (“MFR No. 14/2012”) which is considered inappropriate with the current condition. Types…
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